Secure Data Professional Recovery Service

#8) Secure Data


The best for individuals, businesses, government agencies, and other interested parties.


Secure Data was the first company to be certified SSAE 16 Type II. Standard (4-9 days), Extended (2-4 days), 24/7 emergency (48 hours), RAID server emergency service, and Emergency (48hrs) are their recovery options. All of the recovery options mentioned above have a 96 percent success rate and SSAE18 Type II certified security.

Core Services: Data Recovery and Digital Forensics. eDiscovery. Mobile Recovery. Forensics.

Data recovery from devices:Hard Drive and SSD, RAID/NAS/SAN External Drive, Laptop, Desktop Flash Drives, Smartphones, Tablets, VMware, CCTV, Apple MAC Computers

Pricing Information – Free Evaluation, Cost varies depending on individual media failure scenarios

Official URL: Secure Data


#9) Seagate In-Lab Recovery


For Home Users with Laptop or Computer Problems.


Seagate is a well-known name in hard drive manufacturing. They offer Data Rescue Plans, Recovery Software, In-lab Recovery, and Data Rescue Plans. Data recovery can take between 2 and 3 weeks. The progress can be tracked online. These are great for individuals, but they should be avoided by businesses.

Core Services: Recovery
Data recovery from devices: Laptops, desktops, external drives and tablets as well as RAID/NAS arrays.

Pricing Information In-lab Recovery costs $49.99 per drive. This is a flat fee for the service. The recovery fee will vary depending on the drive type, drive condition and the recovered data.

Official URL: Seagate In-Lab Recovery


#10) WeRecoverData


Best for Fortune500 companies, government agencies and individuals.


WeRecoverData is a privately owned corporation with its headquarters in New York City. They are a global leader in data recovery. The company has a Cleanroom and a data forensics laboratory. WeRecoverData provides recovery services around the world. They are represented in North America and South America as well as Europe and the Middle East.

Core Services, Data Recovery and Digital Forensics
Data recovery from devices: Hard Drives, SSDs, NASs, SANs, Flash Drives Flash Drives, Tapes, Memory Cards, Databases, Virtual Servers.

Pricing Information. Company offers competitive pricing and industry-leading recovery time to minimize downtime. They also offer a “No data no charge” policy.

Official URL: WeRecoverData


#11) Disk Doctors


Best for Individuals or businesses.


Disk Doctors provides recovery services since 1991. Disk Doctors offers a “No Data No Cost” policy, quick turnaround and free nationwide shipping. You have the option of Standard Service (10 business day), Rush Service (24-48hrs), Emergency Service (2-4 days), Expedite Service (5 days), or Expedite Service (5 days).

Core Services: Recovery
Data recovery from devices: Hard Drives, SSDs, Flash Drives and Mobile Phones.

Pricing Information – Prices vary depending on many factors, such as time, complexity, and parts. Get a free, no-obligation quote.

Official URL: Disk Physicians


#12) DataTech Labs


Best for Individuals, businesses, government agencies.


DataTech Labs, located in Denver, CO, is a professional data recovery company. They are authorized to operate recovery centers across the country. They can work on all makes of hard drives. This will not affect your warranty. They are ISO 5 Class 100 certified.

Core Services: Recovery
Data recovery from devices: Hard Drives, SSD, NAS/SAN Flash Drives, Mobile Phone, Virtual Disk.

Pricing Information: Offers “No Charge Evaluation”. The type of storage media used and the methods required to recover the data will impact the recovery fees.

Official URL: DataTech Labs


#13) SERT


Ideal for Individuals and SMEs.


SERT Data Recovery LLC is located in Florida, but provides nationwide services in all 50 US states. All RAID and hard drive recovery services provided by SERT Data Recovery LLC are done onsite at their Florida lab and CLASS 100 ISO 5 clean workspace. SERT is a specialist in data recovery from USB Flash and Solid-State Drive NAND storage media.

Core Services: Recovery

Data recovery from devices: RAM Arrays. Hard Drives. Apple Drives. SSD. Flash Drives. SD Cards. Cell Phones.

Pricing Information – The SERT recovery service price is determined by the media storage capacity, required parts, turn-around time and configuration of drives (RAID arrays).

Official URL: SERT


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