Salesforce offers surprising CRM System benefits

Salesforce offers 8 surprising CRM System benefits


All this customer data can be used to improve customer service and impact many departments within the company. Customer service and sales teams can benefit from detailed CRM data to help them build long-lasting, solid relationships with their customers. CRM systems, although initially designed for sales, can often deliver a higher sales ROI. The majority of businesses report that CRM solutions can generate an average $8.71 increase in revenue for every $1 they spend. Or, more impressively, an 800% ROI.


CRM systems allow potential customers to develop relationships until they’re ready and willing to buy. This is essential, as long-term sales leads can make up 77%. Many sales reps neglect long-term customers if they do not have a proven follow-up system.


CRM systems offer other benefits in managing and organizing a company. CRM data allows companies to track responses to marketing campaigns and help them align sales and marketing tasks to make their business more efficient. CRM systems are able to provide information about process improvements and permit forecasting, purchasing, production scheduling, as well as allowing for purchase planning. CRM systems help companies make more informed decisions.

Updated: December 25, 2022 — 11:40 am

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