Motorcycle Accident Lawyers IN USA 2022-23

You will most likely file a claim against other drivers who caused your accident. This will also help you deal with the driver’s insurance.

Identify the Harming Parties

After a car crash, it is important to ensure that you are making a claim against the correct people or entities.

However, there could be others at fault. You could file a claim against the driver’s employer, if the accident occurred while he was on duty at work. If you were in an accident with a drunk driver, the bar which served him alcohol might offer you compensation.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyers IN USA 2022-23

3. Gather your evidence

To maximize your chances of receiving a fair settlement offer, you must be able to build a strong case.

It is important to have evidence, such witness statements or a report from the police, that you are the driver. A diary detailing your pain and the extent of your losses is also important.

An insurer is more likely to accept fault if you provide enough evidence.

4. Make a Demand Note

Once you are confident in your case, and have calculated the extent of your losses, you will be able to write a demand letters to the insurance company requesting that they represent the driver who has harmed your car. You should include:

  • The facts of the case
  • Your expenses
  • Your journey to recovery
  • A request for a reasonable amount compensation

Instead of starting negotiations with the amount that the insurer offers, you can send a demand note to initiate negotiations.

I would not recommend talking to the insurance company of the negligent driver; I also do not believe that you should make a recorded statement.

I would not recommend you to represent yourself. Our firm specializes on motorcycle cases. Our reputation, knowledge, and experience help us resolve cases quicker and more effectively.

Jason Waechter, THE Motorcycle Lawyer will provide a free, no obligation case evaluation. Fill out the Case Evaluation Form on our Contact Us page if you prefer.

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