How To Donate a Car To Charity in Australiya

Vehicle donation programs have been a proven fundraising tool for many decades in the United States.It tightened the legislative controls on vehicle donation programs, with new rules starting January 1, 2005. This was in response to complaints that US taxpayers were taking deductions that were far greater than the vehicle’s actual worth.


To reduce abuse, US legislation now requires charities to give the taxpayer a written acknowledgement of the donation and a receipt listing vehicle identification number, sale price and donor’s tax number within 30 days of vehicle donation. This limits the donor’s ability to deduct taxes to gross proceeds.


How To Donate a Car To Charity in Australiya


Each year, the US donates between 400,000-a million cars to charity. There are many’vehicle donations program’ operators. The largest ones make more than US$10 million a year. They act as intermediaries between the charity (and the donor).

An IRS investigation revealed that 54 donations were analyzed and that charities received less than 10% of what was claimed by the donor’s return in over half of the cases. Many also lost money on certain vehicles.


Donate a Car To Charity in Australiya

Peter Taliangis, Westcare’s General Manager says that as the Not for Profit managing this program in Australia, it will be efficient & responsible. He aims to pay 55-80% of the gross car sale price directly to Westcare.This program allows car owners to donate online, print and submit forms along with their car title, and coordinate delivery.

Kids Under Cover is an organisation that works to prevent youth homelessness in Australia. Kids Under Cover provides studio accommodation in the backyards of families and education scholarships.

Manheim, Kids Under Cover’s official partner in the auction, has been raising vital funds since 2006. We have successfully sold more than 20,000 vehicles for them by collecting and auctioning vehicles donated through their “Donate Your Car” program.

You can donate any vehicle to the KUC through this program, which will allow you to have your vehicle taken away for free. The sale price can be deducted from your tax bill.We are proud to support KUC. Manheim sells donated vehicles at all our locations. This helps raise funds for the much-needed work.

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