Here are 6 of the greatest benefits Salesforce CRM platforms can offer.

While customer-centric experiences are still the hallmark of business in 2018, it’s not often discussed what makes this possible for brands. Customer-centricity is about understanding your customers and their contexts. The benefits of CRM Software are clear. It preserves all historical data, making it easier for customers to manage their relationships. CRM has many benefits. It allows multiple departments to be connected and empowers more teams with the same data.

This is how you create a customer-centric experience.

Today’s CRM tools can be supercharged by integrations that facilitate collaboration and access data — all from one place. The right tool will help companies target different audiences, create smart automations based a lead’s activity, work with customers and manage relationships. Furthermore, customers can expect consistent, personal interactions from every department.

While the features of CRM platforms can vary depending on industry and department, these six benefits enable customers to have centric experiences.

5. Processes optimized.

The advantage that CRM platforms provide is automation, which can be seen all throughout the company. These are three examples:

  • Drip campaigns can cut down on the time it takes for leads to be emailed and nurtured.
  • Customer-centric, consistent interactions in marketing, sales, commerce and service via personalized automations
  • Scoring leads with custom parameters or built-in AI. This will allow your teams to better prioritize which marketing qualified leads (or MQL) can be converted into sales qualified leads or SQL.

Marketing can spend more time designing campaigns that resonate with its target audience, analysing data and testing different strategies based upon analytics. Selling the right product or service can be sales’ focus. Commerce can provide more customized buying experiences which will lead to increased revenue growth. Customers can have their customer service representatives dedicate their time to solving complex problems or answering questions. An efficient company will be able to better serve its customers. That’s the biggest benefit of CRM software.

6. Simplified collaboration.

CRM is a record of all interactions, conversations, needs, notes and contact information. This gives you an advantage in creating customer-centric experiences. Cloud-based CRMs are always available and can be accessed by your colleagues from any location. Some CRM platforms also offer communication and collaboration tools, which allow multiple people to work simultaneously on a single file or track the progress of a document (e.g. a sales quotation) allowing for faster customer response times.


This shared record allows everyone who has access your CRM to work together. A salesperson can, for example, fill out certain fields or take notes on a customer’s file when they speak with them. This allows the team to keep up-to-date information and ensures that everyone is doing their best. Instead of worrying about siloed data, marketing, commerce, customer service, and sales work seamlessly together.


The Takeaway

All team members have the ability to gather data and insights, and collaborate to deliver exceptional customer-centric experiences. A CRM platform can organize and present data to help customers understand better. This allows for better outreach and messaging, many of which can be automated, which in turn helps you provide better customer service. Your teams will be able to collaborate better and lessen silos.


One of the greatest benefits of CRM software is the ability to use data and technology for better company management. This software helps you to manage customer relationships better, which leads to improved business.

Updated: December 25, 2022 — 11:29 am

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