Car Insurance Add-On Covers

Policyholders have the option to add on additional coverage by paying an extra premium. This policy extension allows the car owner to handle various situations easily. You can add roadside assistance, key replacement, and return to the invoice.

What are Car Insurance Add-ons?

Additional Covers for Car Insurance – To enhance the protection and coverage provided by a car policy, a car insurance add-on can be added to a comprehensive insurance policy. You can choose from multiple add-ons to your comprehensive car insurance policy.

Check out these top car insurance add-on covers

There are many options for car insurance add-ons. It varies from one insurer to the next. These are the most common car insurance add-ons offered by most general insurers.

1. Zero Depreciation Add-on Cover

At the time of a claim settlement, the insurer subtracts the amount of depreciation that is applicable to your car and its components from the claim amount. Zero depreciation coverage helps to reduce the burden of paying for the depreciation on your vehicle, thereby increasing your claim amount. While most insurers limit you to two zero-depreciation claims per policy, IFFCO Tokio allows unlimited zero-depreciation claims.

2. Add-on Cover

This add-on covers consumable elements like grease, air conditioner gas, lubricants clips, bearings, and fuel filter. It also covers the oil filters, engine oil, and oil filter.

3. Roadside Assistance Addon Cover

This add-on covers assistance services in case of a vehicle breakdown. These services include towing to the nearest garage and on-site repairs, assistance in the event of loss of keys, changing flat tires, fuel delivery, and more.

4. Engine Protection Add on Cover

This cover allows the policyholder to get indemnified against expenses for mechanical/electrical breakdown of the engine due to an oil spill or water ingression.

5. Add-on Cover

This insurance add-on coverage makes it possible for the insurance company to compensate policyholders for key(s) lost.

6. Passenger Assistance Add-on Cover

This is a bundle cover that covers the cost of hospital allowance, medical expenses, and transport assistance for the policyholder in case of an accident.

7. Tire Damage Add-on Cover

This add-on covers damages like in-tire bulges or punctures or the bursting of tires, cuts on a tire due to an accident, and so forth.

8. Add-on To Invoice

This add-on coverage allows you to receive the full invoice price for your vehicle in case it is a total loss, constructive total loss (CTL), or theft.

9. Add-on To Protect NCB

This add-on allows you to keep your No Claim Bonus discount (NCB), even if you have filed a claim during the previous policy tenure. NCB is the discount you receive on your own-damage premium each claim-free year.

10. Add-on: Loss of personal belongings

This add-on compensates the policyholder in the event of the loss of personal property such as articles, personal items, or other personal objects that are likely to be carried, used, or worn.

11. Daily Allowance Add-on

This add-on gives you a daily allowance from your insurer in the event that the car is damaged or lost.

12. Coverage for your personal laptop and mobile add-ons

This add-on will allow you to receive compensation for the loss or damage to a mobile phone or laptop that was kept in your vehicle.

13. GAP Value Add-On Cover

This add-on allows you to get the full invoice price of your vehicle in the case of theft, total or constructive loss. This add-on also covers Road Tax and first-time registration fees.

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Updated: December 24, 2022 — 11:37 am

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