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Deadline for filing an Auto Accident Lawsuit

Every state has its own laws, deadlines, and time limits for launching legal proceedings after a vehicle accident. This is known by the statute of limitations. It is the maximum time that the parties can go to court and initiate the lawsuit process. This can be anywhere from one to six months depending on what your state’s laws say.

You can file a personal injuries lawsuit within the deadline, but not with your insurance. Most insurance companies require that you file your claim within a reasonable amount of time. Get information from your insurance company about the requirements for your policy.


There are usually options to settle the case before you file a lawsuit. It is possible to settle the claim before you file a lawsuit. This will save you the cost of legal fees, stress, time and money as well as the chance of losing. But, in the event of disputes over key evidence such as proving fault or the extent and severity of injuries, it may be necessary that you take matters to court.

Many states have at-fault law, which means that the insurance of the person responsible for the accident must cover the damages. Twelve states have no blame laws. This means your insurance must cover your injuries regardless if anyone is at fault. In some cases, however, you may need the assistance of a lawyer to sue any at-fault parties.

The settlement offer you receive may not be fair and will not cover personal or property damages. It is possible that the offer does not include your projected and actual long-term medical expenses. An action may also be required if the accident led to the death or serious injury of a close friend.


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Each year, the United States has more than 6,000,000 motor vehicle crashes. According to Federal Highway Association data (FHWA), travel in 2020 fell 13% while fatal car accidents increased. In these circumstances, you’re likely to get into a serious car crash than ever before.

Because there are so many car accidents every year, it is only natural that insurance companies will seek to protect their own interests. There may be a backlog with personal injury cases that can slow down your claim or impact your payout.

It’s also natural that personal injuries law attracts more firms in the metro areas each year. Depending on where your home is, you may find that there are many law firms covering your area. However, if you’re in a rural area you may find it difficult to find an auto injury attorney who offers the services that you need.

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